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Default Maverick Accuracy Issues

I got suspicious about the quality of the readings from my Maverick, so I bought a Thermoworks TW8060 to test it against...the difference in accuracy is really bad. The Maverick meat probe is ~20 degrees high and the smoke box probe is incredibly lags hugely. Eventually the Maverick smoke box probe gets to within 1 degree of the Thermoworks...but on changes, the Maverick is really inaccurate and could cause you to overshoot thinking your pit temp is way different than it is.

I WISH THERMOWORKS MADE A WIRELESS THERMO!!! Maybe if enough people asked they would consider it. The 8060 in a wireless model would be the ultimate BBQ tool...if they incorporated Bluetooth like the iGrill, they wouldn't even need to make a separate receiver, you could just use your phone. (hint, hint).
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