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Default Went a little overboard, spent more than I should have.

I have always wanted to do a little BBQ. My wife and I lived in Nashville for a few years and I got hooked on it. Last year, we moved into a house that would allow me to have a grill/smoker. I wanted a BGE but couldnt talk the wife into the value of it and instead got a Weber Performer. I love it and it has served me well.

Over the last year I have been trying to figure out how to use it to do a slow cook BBQ, the Mrs. really likes pulled pork. I was looking at the one contraption that creates a metal barrier between the fire and the food but thought it was limited.

Then a few weeks ago I found this...

the iQue 110.

I also knew I needed a better meat thermometer. Christmas Eve I made two roasts(a standing rib, and some other type) I knew I needed to cook one to medium rare and the other around medium and I used two different temp. probes. They went off and I thought the meat was done. The standing rib roast was just past rare(even a little red for me) and the other was a little pinker than what I was shooting for but not too bad. The thermometer failed at helping me so I needed a new one. So I ordered these....

from Thermoworks a dual probe monitor and the thermapen. I may use the probe in my oven a few times because I think it is really bad at going to what I set it at.

Everything arrived on Thursday, I was set to Q this weekend. I went to the store Friday and saw that a Picnic roast was .99#. I was looking for a Boston butt but didn't know about the picnic so I didn't buy any. I came back home checked out this forum and saw that I should have stocked up on it. So I was set to go out to the store on Saturday morning when weather struck.....

Now I have all this new equipment and nothing to cook with it. Hopefully that will be fixed soon. I will post here when that changes and I make my first smoke. I just hope the meat is still on sale.
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