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I'm working on my "Like a Brisket" entry, and wanted to make sure I remained grounded in brisket, and have a good looking brisket appetizer. I had a single serving of left over point, vac sac'ed in the freezer. Perfect, burnt ends!

Thawed last night. Out of the fridge, still a little cold and not taking on rub. That is okay, there will be plenty of time to add more rub.

Thrown on the UDS humming along at 250* with some oak wood. Ignore the other hunk of meat, that is to be revealed later today.

This was my first time making burnt ends. I followed Biggie's instructions. Rub, 1 hour, More Rub, 1 Hour, Sauced w/ Big Butz Cranberry and then another hour.
Sauced up and looking saucy. Hot dang, there is a "saucy" throwdown going on.

Very tasty. Very rich. Overwhelming rub and rich sauce. Thanks for looking.

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