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Originally Posted by Wayne
I love grilled pork chops. We fix them lots of ways. But if you really want a treat get a small container of thin sliced liver and marinate it in your favorite tomato based BBQ sauce. After the chops are done put the liver on the grill and give it a minute or two on each side. Just till it is cooked through and not a second more. Serve it with the pork chops. Now let me warn you before you try grilled liver. If you hate liver then you will love this stuff, and if you love liver this stuff will take you to new hights of pleasure. If you do not eat organ meat because of its high fat content then one slice of this should not be harmful if you only eat it once or twice a year.
Wayne, this sounds great. I do not eat liver as much as I once did, but you are right, once in a while does no harm. I never even considered doing it this way. We used to do grilled liver and bacon all the time when my sons were teen-agers; they loved the stuff. I think I'll try this when they are over for a family get together.
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