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Originally Posted by MStoney72 View Post
Your experience with the dome temp being lower than your pit temp is totally different that what I have experienced with my digi q on my performer, are you measuring your temp on your lower grate by chance. I am typically 30 - 50' hotter at my dome temp than pit temp, although it some seem to get closer to one another the older the fire gets. I have also noticed that the damper setting on the blower motor is everything in getting everything dialed in. Outside air temperature also influences a lot, meaning a 50' outside temp is gonna be different than a 20' setup, on blower damper. I hope I'm not already telling you something you already know and you find this helpful. I have also heard that if you have the damper open to much it will have a cooling effect on the fire
No, I'm only measuring the temp on the top grate. Throughout my cook today I've played around w/ the damper and opening it all the way actually has the dome temp and pit temp closer than when i had it 1/2 shut during the night. you said, outside air temp plays a part and it was pretty cold last night. That's interesting that your dome temp is hotter than your pit temp. I would think the grate areas would be hotter since they're close to the fire. Thanks for your insight though, much appreciated.

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