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Default Q got "big."

Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post

Also, why 210? I do my butts and briskets at 250-ish and the results are fantastic and it saves some cooking time.
I've always read that the greatest smoke deposition occurs at or near 200f. I've asked several times "does anyone still subscribe to that theory?" but never get an answer. I know you have a lot of experience, so what is your take, Ron? I usually start my butts out at 200, and stay there until the internal temp hits 150 - usually about 6 hours - and then kick the smoker up to 225 or so. I don't suggest anyone else do this as it's just personal preference, but it's based on articles I read long ago before BBQ got "big."

P.S. This post wasn't supposed to named "Q got big;" strange things happen when I use a laptop in the dark!
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