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Originally Posted by Jeff Hughes View Post
I have a lunch gig in a couple of weeks that calls for 300 burgers. I can smoke them or grill them. I can hold in my smoker, cambro, or pans.

Service will be buffet with potato salad and slaw.

My current plan is to grill them, then hold in the smoker...

I would love your suggestions...
Have you figured out the actual burgers you will be using? I do tailgate parties for 200-300 where i do the burgers on site, so i have a little experience with this. The actual burgers used can help a lot. Fresh is way better then frozen, they cook a lot faster and you don't have to destroy them with overcooking to get them to temp. If you need to go with frozen, buy the better ones. When I use frozen, i buy at Restaurant Depot, where they have different quality levels. I use the Farmland Gold Medal angus burgers, which come in different sizes. The great thing about these is they are made with whole muscle meat, and are individually flash frozen, so they are not stuck together. They are super quick to get on the grill, just like a stack of big beef poker chips that you just toss on the grill. They also have holes to help with cooking. Season them with salt, pepper, and garlic powder (which is key) and nobody will think they are frozen.

With my party, it is a 4-5 hour affair and people gradually show up, so i don't need all at once so i can just keep churning them out. When I do need a big pile at once i pull them off the grill, toss them into a pan, cover, and stack pans on a far side of my grill with the burner underneath it off. I use a crown verity mcb72 6ft long grill with 2 3ft roll domes, so i have plenty of space to do all that, so ymmv.

Cheese is the other issue, stacking cheeseburgers does not work, and the cold cheese slice thing is lame. You can whip up a cheese sauce or use cheese whiz and have people squirt it on. A cheeseburger on a kaiser with fried or raw onions and whiz is pretty damn tasty actually.
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