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Cool What do you think of my plan? Butt over brisket

Here's my plan, please criticize as I've never done this combo before.

Preface- I have done numerous pork shoulders and am very comfortable with them.

WSM - 18.5 inch set up to run at 250 all day long.

Top grate - Bone in pork butt (aiming for the 6-8 lb range)
Bottom grate - Costco Brisket Flat (the small typical brisket from a grocery store, not the whole one). I believe the fat is already trimmed off these?

Anyway, both will be rubbed and I'll mop the pork often and perhaps rotate the brisket throughout the cooking. Letting the pork drip on top the brisket. I know when to pull the pork off and I'll take the brisket off when its really tender. As in "just like butter when the probe goes in"

Am I missing something? Is this brisket "flat" from Costco not the right thing to get? I read a lot about fat being necessary. But I've never done a brisket so I'm not sure.


Oh - one more thing I forgot to mention:

I'm doing my cooking on Saturday for a party on Sunday at around 4pm. Think I should pull the pork Sat night put in the fridge in a foil tin? Then on Sunday heat the oven to 200-250 and put it in to warm up, with some sauce mixed in as well? For the brisket I was thinking about slicing it on Saturday, placing it in an aluminum tin in the fridge and then Sunday reheating it with some sauce at 200-250 degrees?
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