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Originally Posted by colonel00 View Post
Yep, you sucked me into trying this as well. It has been on my list but I have always put it off. It just so happened that I was out and about last night at Sam's looking at the spices when I realized I needed to make up some more rub. Someone had posted in this thread yesterday so it was fresh in my head. So, after Sam's came a trip to Whole Foods. Holy Fark! I spent $16 and didn't even get the dulse granules because they were out. Have you ever tried to mimic herbamare? Also, aside from tracking down the dulse, the only thing I would have to order would be the Barker chile powder. Would there be a comparable local substitute?
That sucks that they were out of Dulse Granules.

That Whole Paycheck place is rough on the wallet indeed, that's why you might want to look online.

I have not tried to mimic Herbamare because it would be very difficult. The way they do it, they take the juice from a bunch of flavorful fresh herbs and vegetables, mix it with salt and then dry the salt out. So you wind up with only white salt granules, but they have flavor in them that is unlike anything else.

Your best substitute option for the Barker chile powder is going with a really good New Mexico Chile Powder. You could make your own if you want. I used to do this actually, until I got the Barker from Da Gift Basket. I thought it worked better.
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