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For Christmas I was given (not as a X-mas gift, but offloaded onto me) a jar of Dreamland BBQ Sauce. When I posted a question asking about Dreamland, I got some recommendations I wanted to try.

I decided to do up some Chicken with the Dreamland sauce like Phil described, and enter it in the Throwdown.

Here was Phil's suggestion to me on using the sauce...
Originally Posted by BBQchef33 View Post
Q up a couple of chickens to about 165. (or jsut roast them)

Pull all the meat off the bones into a big pan or wok, douse with Dreamland BBQ sauce and heat on the stove for 7-8 minutes tossing the meat and getting it well covered(and bring temps up higher). Add more sauce and serve that with garlic bread or toasted rolls....

THEN talk to us.. :)

This is a 'go to' recipe I ALWAYS serve for football games.. or friends just hanging out.. its good stuff. If you dont like it, i'll buy any sauce u dont want. . i always have a few jars in the house.. always include it in orders, etc..
Sunday night I made up some chicken along with an experimental brisket flat for my Brisket Cooked Like Tri-Tip thread. There was a lot more chicken left over than the brisket by the end of dinner, much to my surprise.

So I took some of that leftover chicken today and put it in a pan with some sauce, and put that on the grill over indirect heat. Next to the chicken is some Au Gratin Potatoes I cooked along with it.

Then I went in and prepped some Apple for dessert inside a foil packet and tossed that on after rotating the dishes in the grill.

When things were getting nearly done, I took a piece of bread with some Pepper Jack and put it in the broiler just long enough to melt the cheese over the bread.

Then I took the finished goods off of the grill.

This BBQ Chicken Sammich was farking AWESOME! Thanks for the recommendation Phil! This sauce is REALLY damn good on chicken like this.
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