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Default finished...finally

Okay, my drum has been sitting in my garage for a month after a friend sand blasted it for me. I went ahead and hit it with an angle grinder in some spots where there was still some liner/paint. I used some 1 ft steel conduit tubes that I flattened the ends then bent them to attach as handles. I happened to have a lot of it laying around, so it saved me a few bucks.

As I stated in my previous post, I used some zinc coated bolts/nuts that gave me an excuse to get a weed burner. I burned them red hot and now they look like they're ashen. Got some 2" casters from HF and bolted them to the bottom. Four 1" intakes, three with caps and one with the ball valve on a 2 foot pipe (painted red with USMC). I have a 2" pipe on top for the exhaust.

Oiled her up today and filled about a third of the charcoal basket unlit, with about 15-20 lit briqs. I have an old therm from a gasser that I threw on there. When it wouldn't go past 200, I grabbed my remote temp and put the probe thru a potato and on the top grate...425! I capped off the three intakes and closed the ball valve half way. After putting the kids down, I came out and it's cruising at 240....nice . Only thing I need to pick up is a new therm and it's ready for some meat!
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