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I had some great meatball recipes from both of my grammas. I was even thinking about stuffing them with cheese or making a meatball sandwich, but then we were attacked by a Zombie. I think there's a bit of that going around here. Luckily Ninja and I managed to fight him off and decapitate him. Now my grammas lived during the depression and they always taught me to make do with what you have. I couldn't let that meat go to waste, so I went through their recipe cards and lookie what I found!

I decided to give it a try. It was a bit gruesome and all, so I'm not going to show the pictures. I followed the recipe as best I could and smoked it on the Oval. It took a bit over an hour at 325*. Despite what you might be thinking, there's some good eatin' on Zombie. I've heard it's the other red meat. I paired this with a red wine. And here's how it looked:

To our surprise, as we were taking pictures, the head started showing signs of life. Luckily Ninja was there to save the day. He gave a quick chop:

and then finished him off with a fatal jab:

Chris, I have no idea if any of these are appropriate.
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