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So what are folks opinions on trailer tires vs. Passenger/LT style tires? I noticed that Jambo runs BF Goodrich and Goodyear tires on some of the J series smoker rigs. I have a great set of 15x8 jeep rims and was thinking of running something like a 295/50/15R on the trailer. The average load rating is 2100-2000lbs. So even if I subtract 10-20% capacity I am still well within the amount of load I expect to have on the trailer. I have had three sets of Goodyear Marathons on my Featherlite trailer and my old enclosed car trailer and all three sets were replaced within a year due to seperation and sidewall issues. My friend who tows a fifth wheel just lost two carsile trailer tires in the heat last year in Texas. His tires were also properly aired up and he had like 4-6k of unused capacity on his tri axle setup. Two of them blew and tore the heck out of the trailer.

What do people think about just running a performance tire on the trailer instead of the chinese ST trailer tire junk we are running now? I am expecting the smoker, trailer, storage, wood, etc to weigh in around 2500-2900 lbs total. The axle is rated at 3500lbs and the tires I am looking at are in the 2k-2.1K max load each. Any reason not to do this?

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