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Default ROADMAP - Cooking a Tri-Tip like a Brisket like a Chucky like...WTF is going on here???

Since there are already a few threads, and already hundreds of posts about this subject, I thought it would be a good idea to bring some order to them by tracking them in a Roadmap.

Please keep all posts in this thread on topic and make sure they are meaningful to the purpose of the thread, and not just more jokes (we have plenty of places to joke about this in other threads), especially since this subject can seem like some sort of ridiculous joke, and is certainly an easy and fun source of seemingly endless funny comments.

However, this is not all just a big joke, and it is true that you can make a good, delicious, tender, juicy Tri-Tip by cooking it until it is probe tender, similar to how most people (at a basic level) cook Brisket.

This fact brings up questions that are only going to lead to more threads, further making a Roadmap all the more important in my opinion.

First, this is how it all began. With a Brethren (tortaboy) asking what seemed to be a simple question, and getting many responses that ultimately did not match up with the results when this was finally tried.

The first thread (by brother SteveT) showing a Tri-Tip cooked like a brisket along with positive review, in response to the question asked in the first thread.

The second thread that confirmed the results of the first test (by brother landarc), showing that a Tri-Tip can indeed be cooked like a brisket (until it is probe tender) and produce a tender, juicy, delicious product.

Once the questions started flying about why this works and what this means for other cuts of beef, brother landarc made this thread describing his thoughts before and after his Tri-Tip cooked like a Brisket thread.
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