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Originally Posted by rbinms33
Wayne.....turning in those big chunks like that is the way to go IMO. If you pull it apart into smaller chunks or "strands", it dries out and cools off a heckuva lot quicker. One question though.....did you take the contents of that box from two different shoulders/butts? One for the chunks and one for the pulled stuff? Or is it all from one piece of meat?
Actually what's in the box is from three different butts. The slices came from one the chunks from another and underneath the slices and chuncks is some pulled from yet another. The butt for slicing wasn't cooked to the same temp as the other two - or at least it wasn't suposed to be. One mistake I made (and I am sure there were many) was to prepare it too early - it had to sit a while before I could turn it in.
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