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Originally Posted by whitelightnin92 View Post
In the process of uploading picture. I have three holes in the bottom of the drum for air. I have two 3/4 holes, one with a nipple and one with a ball valve. The third is 2 inch with a 18 inch riser and a ball valve. I'm currently using a kingsford kettle lid and the ventilation I have on top is the circle vent that comes standard with the lid. I tried in vain to set the temps. I had it at a steady 235 when I threw the butt on, but it spiked and fell so much that I never really got it to stabilize again.
Am I reading this correctly? You have a one 2" intake with ball valve control and two 3/4" intakes, one capped and the other with ball valve control? If this is correct, the only possible problem I see is if you are trying to control the temps with the 2" ball valve, there is a lot of room for error. I would close the 2" ball valve completely and try to control temps with the 3/4" ball valve. Keep the vents on your lid wide open. If you want to cook hot and fast, open that 2" up and see what happens.

I have four 3/4" holes in the bottom of my smoker, 3 capped and one with a ball valve. My exhaust is a 2" x 8" nipple, no damper. I can hold temps as low as 215 and as high as 410 or better as my digital thermometer only goes to 410. I hope this helps.
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