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I have a line on any kind of barrel i want. Stainless, Steel, unlined, unpainted, New or refurbished, tighthead or openhead. Ive read about 5500 of the post on this thread, and have my idea pretty much mapped out.

I just want to clarify.

1.) If i want to use a webber lid, i need to get a tighhead/sealed barrel and cut on the inside of the lip on the top. Then the 22.5 will sit on the rim by flattening the lids lip then reshaping it to fit the diameter of the rim.

2.) If i use the openhead, i remove the sealing ring, throw it away, remove the little gasket. Then the orignal lid will fit on it fine without modification, or i can flip the openhead cut the bottom lip off and the webber 22.5 lid will fit without modification.

This said... it would be best for me to get a barrel with a removable lid? I can also get the lid that is completely flat so i can put holes in any configuration i want.

Am i leaving anything out on my first 2 paragraphs?
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