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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by vafish View Post
Did you get your barrel from a guy near Purceyville that advertises on CL?
i almost did get one from the guy in Purcellville. I made contact with him and asked if he had one unlined. He hit me back a couple of days later and said he "thought" he had one. In those couple of days of waiting I found Bock Drum company in Norfolk, VA who sells new unlined drums for $70. My dad lives close, drove over and picked it up for me and then i grabbed it when we went to my parents' for Christmas. New for $70 vs. used for $40, so I went with the new. There is another drum co. in Baltimore that sells new unlined as well. If he did have a food grade one unlined I would probably buy one from him but from hearing the stories on here about getting the liner out it was worth the extra $30.
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