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Default Mighty the form of a Sammich!

As the story goes, it was 3AM and as I lay awake in bed I have a meatball epiphany <cue trumpets>. A couple of hours later and morning arrives and I spring from my bed to review the meatball throwdown thread only to find that my ideas had been put to use in various other dishes for this very throwdown. Later a law enforcement officer stopped by (actually Guerry wrote it in a post... close enough) and said I must go forth with my plan because <cue thunder clap> "IT'S THE LAW". So, my apologies in advance to those that have similar thoughts about what would make a great meatball. All ideas were original to me when they first came to me. I'm also trying to figure out a new camera so forgive some of the slightly out of focus images.

Here is my ode to the Mighty the form of a Sammich!

I started with some basics:

I then chopped some bacon and sautéed it along with diced shallots and some garlic until the bacon just started to turn crispy. I mixed these items in with the ground chuck, Italian sausage, bread crumbs beaten egg and spices. I then placed a ball of provolone in the center of each hunk of meat and formed the meatball around the provolone. I placed them on my kettle indirect at about 350 for about an hour. I was very pleased with how well these held together thanks to that egg.

Earlier I had stopped by a local pizzeria and purchased a nice fresh hoagy bun upon which I could rest my balls. I buttered the hoagy bun on both sides with garlic butter and topped with slices of provolone. I then placed it under the broiler to melt the butter and cheese and brown the edges. I dunked the meatballs in my spaghetti sauce and placed on the bottom of the bun, draped a piece of provolone over top and returned to the broiler until the provolone melted over top of the meatballs. Added a bit more sauce and topped with the other half of bun.

It was a great sammich with the added bonus of an occasional crispy piece of bacon and of course melted provolone in every bite. Thanks for looking! Please use the last shot for the throwdown.

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