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Originally Posted by Zak View Post
I used the same handle for the door on my smoker and i dont believe i've ever needed gloves to open it. I thought i'd need something but after using it for a few years i never gets that hot. I was originally gonna wrap it in silicone tape but didn't have to. My cooker's only 1/8" thick steel but wouldn't think that having 1/4" would make much of a difference. Even when i do high heat cooks, the handle never really gets hot enough to require gloves.
Thanks Zak. I was thinking of wrapping it in a firesleeve style product if it gets warm. Would like to hear from others who have steel handles on their pits too. I know that if they do get hot I or someone else would forget and then get a nasty burn as a result. I would rather just deal with it and be safe if its going to be a problem. Maybe I am overthinking this?
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