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Okay. Another question. I have seen a number of different handles on the various smokers. I decided to use a couple safety rail handles for the doors. They are made from stainless steel. Now the obvious issue is how to keep them cool to the touch so I don't have to wear gloves everytime I open the lid on the smoker. What material would folks recommend to sandwich in between the lid and the handles to keep things cool? I was thinking of delrin (really hard plastic) but its deflection temp starts about 260 degrees and its melting point is 350F. What could I use to keep the handles from absorbing all the heat from the doors? Or is this a real issue on the smokers when they are running at 225-325? The tank is 1/4 in thick steel. Is there something I could put inside the handles that would absorb some of the heat and keep them from getting too hot?

Picture of the handles:
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