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Default Nacho Balls!

I thought I would try something a bit different for the meatball TD. I ran my idea accross Guerry Friday and he thought it was pretty cool. So here we go. I made up some taco seasoning.

Mixed a couple tablespoons with some ground chuck, an egg and some bread crumbs.

Mixed that up and set aside while I prepared the cheese filling. I used Mexican Velveeta with our own pickled jalapeno slices in the middle.

Then I coated the cheese balls in chopped black olives.

I then wrapped the black olive encrusted, jalapeno stuffed cheese balls in the meatball mixture.

On the grill.

While they were grilling I made up some guacamole.

There're done!

But wait, there's more!!!! Now comes the wicked part, I'm gonna coat these suckers in crushed corn chips and deep fry them!

I served these babies up with salsa, sour cream with green onions and guacamole.

Mmmm, look at that cheese oozing!

One of these will be the TD shot but I'm not sure which one yet.

These were about the size of tennis balls and very rich, cheesy, meaty and crunchy. Deguerre ate 4 , hope he doesn't have a tummy ache in the morning! Thanks for looking!
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