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I need to take a couple pics of the UDS itself.

Here's the pork loin I made for New Year's Day. Brined it for awhile, then soaked in regular water. Rubbed with a modified rub I found on the net.

It took pretty much three hours at 225. Took it to 140-145* internal temp and let it rest for an hour prior to slicing.

Sliced it and put it in the fridge overnight. Then I threw them on a hot grill to get some sexy grill marks and kept them warm in a crock pot of sauer kraut. Had rave reviews all afternoon.

Edit: Where are my pictures?

Edit 2: GRRRRR

Edit 3: The FAQ didn't help...I am seriously not this much of an idiot.

Edit 4: Flickr is the idiot.

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