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Thumbs up Team Oakridge BBQ's 2011 Year-end Recap

Wow! What a year! Our teams battled hard this past year on the contest circuit, and we are totally blown away by what they were able to accomplish. Keep in mind, this pile of awards came from just eighteen teams over the course of just one year! Check out these stats...
  • One Year
  • Eighteen BBQ Teams
  • 95 Professional, Sanctioned BBQ Contests in states all across the USA
  • 10 First Place calls in Pork (22 Top-three calls)
  • 4 First Place calls in Chicken (17 Top-three calls)
  • 2 First Place calls in Ribs (8 Top-three calls)
  • 1 First Place call in Brisket (4 Top-three calls)
  • 51 Overall contest placements in the top ten
  • 3 Reserve Grand Champions
  • 6 Grand Champions
  • 216 Total Top-ten Awards!!

We couldn't possibly be more proud of these fine folks!

And, because we're all competitors at heart, we here at Oakridge BBQ like to have our own Team of the Year competition where the top team from each sponsorship division receives a special prize at the end of the year. Last year the top teams received a high-end Japanese slicing knife and a pair of razor sharp hand-forged Japanese kitchen shears. We're still working on what cool gifts the winners of the 2011 Competition season will receive, but here's the final Oakridge BBQ T.O.Y. standings for 2011...

Team_____________________________Total Points
IAB 30 BBQ_________________________3156.704
Can't Quit Smokin'___________________1719.864
Backdraft BBQ______________________1715.174
Mrs. T's BBQ________________________1392.488
B&C Smokers_______________________1375.799
High on the Hawg____________________991.457
Sticks N' Chicks BBQ__________________929.357
Smokin' Bad Habit BBQ________________826.805
Smoke Me Tender____________________679.378
Meat, Inc.__________________________470.679
Papa Charlie's BBQ___________________449.535
OSP Meatheads______________________411.946
Knock Ur Sox Off BBQ_________________392.692
Bare Bones BBQ______________________228.714
Smokin' 101 BBQ_____________________197.726
Baby Back BBQ______________________147.877
Flamemaster G's BBQ__________________110
T&J's Smoke & BBQ___________________30

Mike Trump
President & CEO, Oakridge BBQ LLC

~ Visit Oakridge BBQ ~

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