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Here's the rest of the story...

I took the pastrami out of the fridge after about 4 hours and sliced it. I have a Chef's Choice model 610 slicer that I bought a while ago with a gift certificate from Cabelas. It does a good job, but it's not very heavy duty. I had to give it a rest a couple of times while slicing.

I sliced across the grain at almost the thinnest setting and the slices held together very well.

We vac-u-sucked most of it in 10 oz packages. That's enough for two hearty rueben sandwiches. We ended up with three packages for the freezer and kept back about 3/4 pound for tonight's dinner and a sandwich for Parsley Lady for lunch one day.

For the Ruebens I used fresh marble rye from a local bakery, swiss cheese and sour kraut and I cooked them on my stove top griddle.

We ate it with some fresh slaw (no pics, it's just shredded cabbage and carrots with a slaw dressing )

The pastrami was very tender and had a great flavor. Now that I've used the Beas Best brand I think I would go with a 24 hour soak instead of 48 hours. The pastrami could have used a little more salt.

So, in summary, Brethren and Sisthren...

This did not suck!
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