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I guess I need to start somewhere, so here I go. I have smoked several turkeys and chickens over the last 3 or 4 years. I have found out a few things: (forgive me if I am posting in the wrong place)
2, I used to use seasoned olive oil, or seasoned butter to inject in my birds, but after fighting plugged up injector needles, I wondered how good it without seasoning. It is fantastic! I don't bother with seasoning my butter, or olive oil I inject. I think that with the flavor of the smoke, you don't need to overpower it with a bunch of spices. Try it, you'll be surprised.
3, there is a difference in turkeys. I have cooked the cheaper brands, and I have cooked Butterballs. Butterballs are noticably better, but I don't know if they are .50 cents/pound better, that they typically cost.
4, About 1 1/2 - 2 hours of smoke is all turkeys, or chickens need, the rest of the time , heat only.
5, I always stuff the cavity with quartered onions. Some folks use celery with the onions, but I hate celery, and don't want it in my house, so I dang sure don't want it in my food.
6, Go easy on the rub too. I lightly rub my birds, but I don't want to over power anything. I put a little in the cavity, and some lightly on the outside of the bird, but with brine, oil/butter injection, and smoke, (I use apple and pecan, or apple and cherry), and a light dusting of rub, there is tons of flavor, and it is still delicate to boot. I have heard several times, " that's the best turkey (or chicken) I ever ate". In fact, I had 2 couples in there 80s' tell me this year at Thanksgiving, mine was the best turkey they ever had. That seems like a pretty bold statement, because, does anyone realize how many great cooks there are in East Tennessee? Anyhow, I was on cloud 9.
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