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Man, I don't know if I did something wrong or what (didn't really change the recipe except for adding a couple head of roasted garlic)
Tried this stuff on Christmas, and it just wasn't that great.
I wasn't the only one either - no one really seemed crazy about it.
Something about the consistency just wasn't right for me.

Tried it again on New years eve, using a more traditional recipe
OMG, this stuff was freakin awesome!! (also added most of a head of roasted garlic to this too)
I made it a little different in how I prepared the garlic and used a hand mixer to mix the 2 parts together (then added a little more oil).
Had it with veggies and some tomato basil bread from Panera.

Anyone who has made the cream soup variety or has made neither must try this one.
I'd like to hear others' comparison of the two.
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