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Originally Posted by Kathy's Smokin' View Post
Gore, you are a fatty artist and I worship you. What's the delicious looking 'flat' cue beside the NORML fatty on the left, just above the artichokes? Looks like a deliciously crunchy 'lobster art' cue, and knowing you......

I just ate before I came home and the parade has me drooling again.
Thanks Kathy. Here's the link:

That is just some pig candy. Coat some bacon (or pork belly) liberally in brown sugar, add some cayenne if you like and cook it low and slow. You'll know when it is done. It is divine.

Originally Posted by tish View Post
I just finished showing all the bacon "sculptures" to Harvard, and he wanted to know if it was possible to get one of Gore's "bacon artiste" t-shirts. I told him Gore doesn't have any logo t-shirts of which I'm aware. Harvard said, "Well, he ought to have some made. There are bacon fans out there waiting to buy them." It cracked me up, but then I realized he was right. Bacon sculpture t-shirts? Put the Bugatti on it. Heck yeah! I'd buy one!
Sorry, no T-shirts here. I'm sure there are places you can have them made and I'm not protective of anything I do. I'm too lazy to do anything like that myself. You're more than welcome to use any image for anything you like (as long as it makes you happy). I expect Costco might even do something like that. I know they used to do coffee mugs anyway. Have at it.
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