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Default New Year's Champaign Hotdogs and Wings campaign...

And it was awesome! Didn't get pics of the end though... the Champers kinda got in the way! Was a great kick off to 2012 though. Here's what I do have to show:

Started off by prepping and seasoning some wings:

I did them up in a seasoned yogurt and let them sit overnight (seasoned with some of my rub and maggi seasoning):

Wrapped a couple franks in bacon.

Then I made a little sweet pepper, onion & mushroom topping for the hot dogs.

Then fried up some wings:

then fried up the sausages:

And that there is all I have of that... *hic* Sorry to leave you all high and dry like that but just picture a fresh hot dog bun with a fried bacon wrapped sausage, a slice of colby cheese topped with the pepper "relish" and K&M! It was ridicously awesome! However since I didn't have pics of the end result I will share the sauce recipe with you to make up for it a bit... It's a sauce I've been making for a long time. It's a tamarind sauce. I get fresh tamarind out here but I'm sure you can find "blocks" of it in your Asian store. Ok here goes... (btw I used this on the wings)

Start off with the tamarind:

Then you saute an onion, garlic & a bit of cumin in some butter...

Then you add some hot water and the tamarind with some pepper flakes & Brown sugar to taste and simmer down for about 20 mins til the tamarind starts to break down then salt to taste... (the tamarind is usually pretty tart so you need to balance that with the sugar... I used about 1/2 cup for this batch.)

Once its done run it through a strainer pressing as much of the tamarind through as you can then I usually hit it with an immersion stick blender and you end up with this:

Its awesome stuff! Well I had a great new years, hope you all did as well! I wish peace & love, health and prosperity to each and every one of you for 2012! God Bless!

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