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Originally Posted by Dallas Dan View Post
It looks tasty! Tell us your cooking process and rubs.
Nothing special on this run, just made a simple rub i got from and followed the author's instructions.

1/8 cup salt
1/8 cup black pepper
1/8 cup paprika
1 TBSP granulated garlic
1 tsp dry mustard

A slight deviation from the Gary Wiviott methods I've clinged to thus far, but I am pleased with the results.
I had to slice thick to keep it from falling apart when you pick it up.

I loaded the WSM with 3/4 of the chamber full of unlit lump charcoal
then added a full Weber chimney full of glowing coals.
I did my best to keep temps between 225-250 by adjusting vents, adding charcoal and gapping the door as needed.
For the most part, I just watched the remote gauge and left it alone.
The WSM doesn't need much attention; I added water once and charcoal twice.

I mopped it with a 3:1 mix of apple juice and peanut oil at the 5 and 7.5 hour marks.
I pulled the flat off when it reached 188* and foiled/toweled it for 30 minutes before slicing.
I put the point back on for an additional 4 hours then cut it into burnt end chunks.
I sauced/foiled them for the last 20 min.

I'll do pretty much the same thing for tomorrow's cook, but I'll need twice as much meat and some MOINK to feed that crowd.

Oh, and I also tossed in 4 baking potatoes between two of the 3-hour checkpoints for fun.
We had those with dinner. No pics, the kids wolfed them down.
Butter, salt, pepper, foil. 3hrs @ 225, left in foil for 30 min afterwards. Again, nothing special.
Just a guy who smells like a campfire and a couple of WSMs
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