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Originally Posted by barbqrken View Post
Has anyone got any pictures of a baffle they made for your UDS? Was thinking of trying one. Trying to figure out how to make and how to put it in the cooker.
I don't have my picture handy, but let me see if I can explain my version which works great.

I use a cooking grate and attach to it pieces of angle iron (or aluminum).

I used the pieces that are about 1.5 inch wide measured from the corner on each side. If you lay it down in the shape of the "A" it would measure almost 3 inches wide. I used about 4 feet and cut it into 4 pieces to place on the grate.. the 2 middle pieces of course are longer than the 2 on next to them. The lengths I made to go as long as possible to not go past the diameter of the grate. The larger size is good for this; fewer pieces to use, however you need a serious saw blade to cut this unless you can get your hardware store to cut it. Grab a grate to try to imagine how to lay them down to determine how much you need.

Then I placed the pieces almost next to each other, leaving a little bit of space between. What this does is make most of the heat come up along the sides of the barrel rather than straight up. And because of the "A" shape and slight spacing between, it allows the meaty goodness drip into the fire which is very important in a UDS. Finally, using iron makes it retain the heat and helps make a nice even overall cook. Aluminum will work fine too, just won't retain the heat as long but not sure how much that matters.
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