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Thanks everyone. Its been a bit of work collecting things so far, but the deals are out there if you wait and are patient. I finished tearing down the trailer last night and checking things out.

* The left wheel bearings are shot as suspected and the tires are dot dated from 1990 which means they are original. Yikes. Already planned on replacing them so no worries there. In fact, I have a set of older aftermarket aluminum jeep rims that have been sitting around the shop for ten plus years that may fit. The brakes on the trailer were originally hydraulic based and totally trashed. I am just going to refit them with new disk brakes from my northern tool dealer. Found them on sale this week for 100 bucks off per side!!

* Pulled the stove into the shop and its going to take min amount of work to modify it. Pics coming shortly. This is a double walled unit with a blower on the bottom of the unit. Since we are going to dropping this down into the trailer I will either need to loose this fan or move it somewhere else. I am thinking of keeping it so I can use it to move warm arm to the warmer I want to build later on. The heat exchanger vent is on the top so that will get closed off and moved to the right side where the warmer will go eventually. I will just close it off with a plate for now. The rear has the classic 6 inch opening on the rear of the stove but its mounted about 3 inches too low. I am going to move this up and increase the size of the opening.

Was thinking of just picking up a straight piece of chrome stack from my local truck parts guy for the exhaust on the end of the cooker. Something like this. I figured I would just drop a standard stove damper in the top a couple inches down from the top to control the exhaust flow. Thoughts on this and the length? See my calculations below.

Can I get some feedback on the requirements?
My tank is 24x68 and I come up with 10248 for cubic inches. Since I am going to place the fire box inside the tank a bit I came up with 9646 after subtracting the space that the firebox will occupy in the tank.

The fire box comes up as 9504 cubic inches. So I think I am pretty close to the 1/3 rule as far as that goes.

My exhaust calculation comes in at 475 cubic inches and with 5 inch pipe the calculator says 24 inches in length. i figured I would make it 36-48 inches long just to get it up and away from us while running the smoker. Besides whats a little more draw when you need it right? Any concerns here?

The opening from the firebox to the cook chamber needs 76 cubic inches. I was just going to use a 5x16 opening across the top and rear of the box which would put me well over the 76ci I needed.

What are folks recommendations here for some the openings? Better to go larger, smaller or just follow the calculator to the decimal point?

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