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Originally Posted by tish View Post
Lovin' the handles, Phrasty! Where'd you get an idea like that??
You know I can;t remember how it popped into my head... I think it was when I was walking the hardware store.. That's where these things usually happen.

Originally Posted by Black Dog BBQ View Post
After reading about all the stuff you have been cooking I'm surprised you have the time to work on your cooker! Looking good!
Yeah I took a day to recoup... Well needed rest!

Originally Posted by speers90 View Post
What size is the unequal leg angle that you used to make up the hinge? Also, what diameter is the round bar?
The bar is 3/8ths and I just placed the bar in the angled iron and took a straight edge to it to see where I needed to trim. Cant tell you a size right now... It was basically cut to fit.

Originally Posted by vance237 View Post
where do you guys source your tanks from and how much do you typically pay? I found one around here, but the guy wants $250 for it and it's 400 gallons, waaaaayyyyy more than I want or need....
I think that guy's asking WAY too much for it. Look around. I'm sure you'll be able to find better deals. As well as a 400 gallon tank is pretty big. Do you need one that big?

1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder grill/smoker
1 - 100 lb. self-made cylinder smoker
1 - 20 gal. self-made grill/smoker
1 - 25 gal. self-made vertical smoker
1 - 120 gal. self-made trailer stick-burner
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