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Default Finally finished her.

I was surfing CL and found a Stainless Steel Drum about 2 yrs ago. I bought it for $50, knowing it was probably worth close to that in scrap.
It held Tea-Tree Oil that said cosmetic grade (?), no liner. The process has taken about a year, you can see snow from last year on the ground in the lid removal exercise... Side note: A drum deheader will not work on a SS drum. The steel just stretched.

2 Blades Later:

Burn out last summer

Fire basket, the Expanded metal is too light for any longtime use. I was able to get this scrap for free.

All hardware it stainless

Themometer, I need to make a spacer to increase space between the vent holes and the dial.

This is a SS BGE air vent I bought on ebay.

A neodymium magnet will be installed on the lower nut to catch caps.

I need to get the enamel off the lid so I can repaint it.

I have a course cup brush for my cutting wheel, I may go over the outside to make it look more consistent and try to use that to get the enamel off the lid. The discoloration is from the burn out, I used a leaf blower to stoke the flames.
I'll taking it out for a spin later on, a simple cook. sausage.
I'll post pics.

Thanks for all of those that have posted in this thread. There are some seriously talented people here sharing knowledge and experiences.
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