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Default Christmas Ham bonanza Day 2 **Pr0n0graphic

As I said guys... this was a VERY busy season for me. Here's the second all nighter batch of hams I did for a client.

This was about 75lbs of big half leg hams. After a quick soak I put them on the smoker with some lychee and logwood to smoke a bit.

After a couple hours they hit 120 and the color on them were nothing short of amazing! I took them off the smoke and peeled the skin off and glazed some with mustard and spiced sugar and others with s black pepper & brown sugar mixture:

Here's the brown sugar ham:

and here's the process for the black pepper and sugar ham! (I fell head over heels for these BTW):

Peeled off the skin:


and coated liberally:

After glazing they went back on the smoker for some more heat and smoke.

The glaze came out perfect!!! It was a dry glaze that almost became a hard sugar shell around the ham when it was finished. The sugar would not shake off and you could pretty much crack it with a good tap of the finger.

Another all nighter with a smoke and a drink in front of the smoker with my friend that was helping me out. Made the hours go by a bit easier during down time!:

They looked amazing when they came off:

Was almost a shame that they were ordered to be sliced! They were too pretty! I did cut those suckers up the next day after a good rest though:

And that was that for the second day of my Christmas smoking bonanza! Getting tired now but the work continues! Have another thread on the way for the next installment!

Thanks for looking guys!
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