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Originally Posted by SmokinOkie View Post
If it tastes like him, he's added a cure of some sort, such as Tenderquick to cure the meat like you would a ham. But who wants a turkey tasting like ham? Just kidding.

Add a little TQ to your brine.
Tried my first stab at a making a ham.
Found fresh hams on sale for 0.99 a pound and asked to have them cut into halves.

Put in an apple juice cure and injected the same, cured for 14 days.

Rinsed and sat 24 hours in fresh water, air dried.

Cold Smoked for 24 hours (below) after 24 hours meat temperature is still at 46.4 degrees

Rested for 24 hours in a sealed package and smoked again with warm smoke another 12 hours until internal temp went to 155.

Everybody loved the ham was good but I felt it was a tad salty...
any suggestions?
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