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Default Do you really notice a difference in small temperature changes?

I'm talking about smoking on a WSM, let's say baby back ribs, and all temperature readings are dome readings.

Let's say 225 degrees or 260 degrees?

I feel like when I do them at 260 degrees I get them done in about 4 hours and I feel like I have good control of the smoke. When I hover near 225 I can take up to 6 hours and I start to drop temperature easier and I feel like I can lose control of the smoke. When I say lose control I mean having temperature drops, extended unexpected time additions, bending the ribs and not seeing any type of tear when I surely expect them to be done, etc.

The big kicker is that at least in my opinion I can't tell the difference between smoking ribs at 225 or 260. Seems to me that the two temperatures are just too close to each other to make a MAJOR difference.

Anyone have any strong feelings about a 25-30 degree difference in smoking temperatures when the temps are still well within the range of smoking temps?

Just curious - some good holiday discussion!

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