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I have been deep frying birds etc. for 20+ years and COMMON SENCE is your friend, fire is not. First I agree you got a gas delivery issue, thats why the bottom of the pot is so black already. I inject all birds, Cajun Injector is my staple, 16oz in every bird, hit with Cajun shake and into a small garbage bag. Suck out the air and tie off, into the fridge for up to a week, take your friends with you when you rotate 180 degrees, like a fine bottle of wine. I made a pulley system like Alton Brown, I like it a lot, save the fingers and the instant the bird is in the oil up to it's azz I put a grease spatula, that thing you use on the stove to stop grease from splatering, works very well as I cook in my shed, right at the door and never had a fire. I use birds 10-12 lbs.

This is the good part, when I take them out of the oil, I usually do six at a time, three go into a large food service stainless pan, add a pint or quart of chicken stock and stuff in the oven at 200 degrees for 6-8 hours covered.

When they come out all the meat is cooked right down to the bone. Take the stock that is now black as coal, put it in a big skillet, bring to a boil and mix up a batch of cornstarch/cold water in a shaker and start adding untill you get the consistancy you like, season as you wish, I like Head Country. I garontee you'll the gravy and the bird just don't taste bad ether!
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