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Default A few turkey fryer tips?

I've never used this propane fueled deep fryer before and I have a few questions. If anyone wants to chime in with tips please do so. This is a standard Brinkman turkey fryer with big pot and propane attachment. I plan on doing two turkeys on Christmas day.

1. Do you prefer to use the large basket or the turkey stand (which goes through the cavity) to hold it? My set came with both.

2. My instructions say to adjust the flame until it is a blue flame with minimal yellow. Well that's impossible. I adjusted both the gas pressure (from the tank) and the air intake and its either yellow with a little bit of blue at the base, or totally yellow. Is a yellow flame ok? If so, I assume it shouldn't be roaring up the sides of the pot? I assume I need a slow controlled flame which stays below the pot. Last night's test resulted in water getting to boiling in about 20-25 min with a small flame not going up the sides of the pot.

3. Also the pot it came with turned pretty nasty black on the bottom and the sides just from this first 25 min test trial with boiling water. It flaked off with a paper towel. Kinda odd?

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I'm a charcoal guy so this newfangled big gas tank is sort of freaking me out.


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