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I will try to post a few more pics of my uds over the holidays. I am very happy with it, with only a few exceptions.

1) I often run with sticks - 100% twig burn (I have tons of pecan trees and they are always shedding, so most of the year I just walk around the yard to get my wood). If I am doing a hot burn (350) and leave the lid off for over 15 seconds I will get a huge flame up (above the grill). After closing the lid I will get a hotspot under the exhaust. Simple solution - don't open the lid - and when you do, get in and out fast. I may get to the point of pulling the entire grate off to cut the time the lid is off (say for turning a bunch of chicken). Perhaps I should add a shelf to put the grill on...

2) My self constructed blower works fine - but is not professional. I have broken the wires once by accident. It is hard to seal the blower after a burn (as it is hard to reach under the pit). W/O sealing it the coals will smolder for at least 8hrs and probably quite a bit longer (with pipe caps I could kill coals in 30 minutes). (I have restarted a fire after 8 hours just by turning the blower back on). I have considered pluming the air intake from the bottom of the drum up a side. That way I could easily remove the blower and plug the hole - plus I would not need the long (flimsy) wire from the blower to the guru. This could become a self contained unit and a good storage box for the guru and probes...

3) Speaking of storing the guru - don't leave your probes laying on your shelf in the rain. Just don't do it. Probes stop working when they get water in them. It seems to release the magic white smoke. So far no damage to the guru (hung on the side of the pit), but I have been better at remembering to put it away. Last burn was in the rain (w/o a working meat probe, and my other digital thermometer's probe suffered the same fate), so I put a zip lock over the guru before attaching it to the mount - nice and dry all night.
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