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It all started when Ryan said the chicken wing rub was ready and the pre ordering began. I emailed him with a order and he said just send a check to cover the order and that was all the entire conversation, no hey do you want this, where is the money not nothing. Between 2 kids and the holidsay season fast approching the check never got sent(one of those when i grad that iron out of the fire). Well today when i got home from work my wife said there are 2 boxes here for you only expecting 1. To my delight the 2nd box was from the rub company with my order that we talked about threw email almost a month ago,2 bags of the wing rub. I looked at my wife and said this must be a mistake i never paid for these she said wow what a trusting company and guy i said yeah. Opening the box was a simple note saying i have not received payment please send asap if not already hand written. 1 email and not knowing me from adams apple he sent me his product. In a day and age when you cant even trust your own family A gentlemen in california trusted a guy in indiana thankyou very much. You dont see that kind of trust anymore what a great feeling to know people still trust people.Thankyou Ryan very much and the check is in tha mail. I thought this might be a nice read around the holidays for some people seeing it seems like all we hear is bad anymore.
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