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Found some matches.
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Thanks friends
First of all I want to make a clarification (I didn't explain the concept well last time). The photos are only to clarify the idea of an air diffuser but, in my project, the intake tube measure 1 inch with a 3/4" adjustable valve, and the exhaust measure 2 inch.

@ coewar:
I'm sorry but I don't understand well what you mean, please use a simple language. I'm italian and I don't speack the american english very well.

At the moment I'm not interested to make a cold smoker, but in the future if I need it I'll make a "Smoke Daddy" clone.

My UDS is similar to your brother's project (bbq brethren forum link)

Sean "Puffy" Coals UDS

@ jcinadr:
Very nice air diffuser can you put other picture to help me with the construction?
Can you express an opinion on your UDS?
Which changes would make?

Thanks to all,
Have a nice day.
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