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Default competition vending advice

I just wanted to know if the other brethren think I'm on the right track for making a little cash this summer. I'm planning on vending BBQ at competitions I was planning on doing pulled pork sammiches, sammich plates with chips and a drink. A boat of cheese nachos and shaved ice will be on my menue. I can get a case for approximately 1.40 a lb so........ .60 x precooked weight (of 8lb butt) = 4.8 lbs / 4oz pork per sandwich = 19.2 sandwiches is what I figured it out to be.....4.50 for a 4-5oz sammich 6.50 sammich chips and can soda or water. 3.50 nachos. And 2$ for shaved ice....I will have spicy reg and mustard sauce available. And they always say cook on site but I dont see that possible I will most likley cook the butts in advance...just wondering am I on the right track here. Thanks brethren!
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