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Originally Posted by GlobalTJB View Post
Im using a weber lid on the bottom of an open topped drum. The past few cooks have left the exterior covered in dripping streaks from moisture collecting up top and drizzling out of the side. Whats the best way to mod the drum so i dont have to keep cleaning the outside each time?
Maybe you could run a bead of food safe silicone just above the joint. If done right, it should divert the drippings before reaching the seam.

Originally Posted by coewar View Post
What are you guys complaining about? The moisture is great for the cooking as it keeps the food moist. I never have a problem with drippings because #1 my fire basket wraps around my charcoal grate as opposed to sitting on top of it, so the diameter of the fire basket is maybe 2 inches larger. That catches a lot of drippings that would just burn up when they hit the coals.

The #2 thing is that I don't have an ash pan so the bottom of the barrel might be warm enough to evaporate anything that drips down. After like 2-3 cooks, I scoop out the ashes with a cut up milk gallon or small shovel. However I do want to put in an ash pan, but I'm thinking that if you let some ashes settle on the bottom, and then use ash pan it would keep it dry down there too.
I don't think they're complaining about the moisture/drippings on the inside. They're trying to figure out how to keep them inside so they don't make a mess on the exterior of the drum. Essentially how to keep an UGLY drum smoker looking pretty.
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