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Originally Posted by brickie View Post
I smoke at 250 myself and have alot of it..So not sure what is answer.Probably have to do with top not fitting perfect, even though I use clamps on lid..

What are you guys complaining about? The moisture is great for the cooking as it keeps the food moist. I never have a problem with drippings because #1 my fire basket wraps around my charcoal grate as opposed to sitting on top of it, so the diameter of the fire basket is maybe 2 inches larger. That catches a lot of drippings that would just burn up when they hit the coals.

The #2 thing is that I don't have an ash pan so the bottom of the barrel might be warm enough to evaporate anything that drips down. After like 2-3 cooks, I scoop out the ashes with a cut up milk gallon or small shovel. However I do want to put in an ash pan, but I'm thinking that if you let some ashes settle on the bottom, and then use ash pan it would keep it dry down there too.
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