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Originally Posted by Vulcanus View Post
I would create a unique big lower air intake, but the intake tube must be put directly under the centre of the fire basket (not laterally).
I suggest against that. You may turn your smoker into an incinerator. For intake circular area, you only need equivalent of three 3/4 inch holes.
It's just slightly smaller than 2centimeter diameter, and that would be fine too if you only have metric measurements. Here is a little table I made for you to see. For intake, that's all you need. With these 3 holes, to get the best hot smoke cooking temp, you'll only run all 3 holes half way, or 1 fully open, 1 half way and 1 closed.

diameter radius area # of holes total area
0.75 0.375 0.44 3 1.33
2 1 3.14 1 3.14
1 0.5 0.79 4 3.14
0.79 0.395 0.49 3 1.47
1.5 0.75 1.77 2 3.53

diameter radius area # of holes total area
1.905 0.9525 2.85 3 8.55
5.08 2.54 20.27 1 20.27
2.54 1.27 5.07 4 20.27
2.0066 1.0033 3.16 3 9.49
3.81 1.905 11.40 2 22.80

Originally Posted by Vulcanus View Post

also a cheap Ikea frying pan upside down like this

Thanks to all,
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I was laughing when I saw this! I love how the frying pan is on a roof on top of smoke stack. :)

For your exhaust (if you can read that table I made for you) you should strive for the 2inch diameter which calculates to 1 pi for the area. So essentially, your intake should be HALF of your exhaust, and if you stick to these measurements as most everyone does, you'll have the best results.

If you are trying to do COLD SMOKING (which is different!!) then I suggest something else.
I would cut one 3 inch hole (or something comparable) in either the bottom of the barrel or low on the side, and run duct work into it to allow the smoke to travel some distance to cool down. Your exhaust however, probably should still be about the amount of 1 pi area.

But wait, that's not all. :) If you create a little chimney with your exhaust, you will have a strong air flow and it will maintain temps well however it will tend to burn a bit more and be eager to get hot. I have found that it's easier to deal with and you get more moisture inside if you don't make the exhaust so "easy" to get out. So I make two 1.5 inch holes on the SIDE of the barrel and then that's it, or assemble elbows to point the exhaust up.

OR.. make four 1 inch holes either on the sides of the barrel or in the lid.

OR.. make eight 1/2 inch holes.. again either on the side or in the lid.
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