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Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
I personally think there's no difference where and the direction the intake air is coming from. I have seen UDS's like you described with intake beneath the fire basket. Different, but no benefit. I've modified my ECB in this manner.
Also an elevated ash pan attached to your charcoal basket will make cleanup a lot easier instead of attaching a cowl or barrier over the intake to keep ash away.
When I did the ash pan attached to bottom of the legs of my basket, and even though I drilled 1" holes all around the edge of the pan (a Weber portable grill) it prevented me from getting enough air flow to get the higher temps I wanted.

When I removed the ash pan, and just laid large piece of tin foil on the floor of the drum, it was good to go on high temps. I'll attempt a better pan design later, but for now, cold weather doesn't make me want to be out in the weather and low temps.
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