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Found some matches.
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Originally Posted by Hoosier1960 View Post
I was just thinking of the working height. My 55 gal drum is around 39" tall and I have it on a barrel dolly which adds another 3 or 4". I am 6'2", and I would not want that section any higher. You have to decide what is best for yourself. I would just keep in mind what height you will need to load it at and also getting the "lid" section on and off.
Just some things to think about.
Hi Hoosier1960

Thank you for the advice

I have another question:
I would create a unique big lower air intake, but the intake tube must be put directly under the centre of the fire basket (not laterally).
I would create a simple air diffuser to prevent the ash clogging the air intake tube and also for better air distribution like a chimney cowl

also a cheap Ikea frying pan upside down like this

Do you have any advice, photos or anything else?

Thanks to all,
Have a nice day.
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