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Default Universal Thermostat,Dual Probes, Programmable, 80 to 260 VAC, 19 amps, for Upgrade old type wood pellet smoker, electrical Smoker,Sous Vide, Brewery

Model:PIGEON, universal thermostat temperature controller, dual probes, programmable, PID solid relay output, 80 to 260 AC, Maximum current 19amps. Used to DIY electrical smoker, or upgrade old electrical smoker, togetehr with rice cooker slow cook as Sous Vide, Upgrade old type wood pellet smoker, home beer Brewery, and most cases involved in smarter thermostat

Pigeon can be used to upgrade old type of wood pellet smoker for better temperature control. Country Smoker and Traeger wood pellet smoker controls temperature by preset settings of low, medium and high. Auger motor runs and stops at pre-set time intervals and in turn controls temperature. Environtmental temperature, wind, rain, quality of pellet must be different from case to case or from place to place or from day to day, fixed preset will not suit for all conditions. BBQ forums report that certain wood pellet smoker has temperature fluctuation of as high as 30 F. Pigeon is smarter enough, and it knows when and how often to turn on or turn off the auger motor, in turn temperature is much more precise, and temperature fluctuation is as less as 1 F. Pigeon has 2 probes, one for smoker, the other for meat. Different from other dual probe controllers, Pigeon controls fire strength of a smoker by meat probe at same time limits maximum temperature of smoker. Result is that "doness" is under exact control and at same time over burn of meat surface is avoided. Pigeon has much more clever and reliable ramping down/up. WIFI model of Hawk and Wireless Remote Controlled Model of Eagle are still under development.
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