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Originally Posted by BigKev View Post
Just search for "reconditioned steel drums" or "drum recycler" in the Fresno area. If they are certified, then supposedly all the drums are run through a blast furnace to burn up an residue left on/in the drum and then media blasted to remove all the charred remains.

I was able to get my drum for my R2-BQ UDS project in the LA area from a drum certified recycler (Apex Drum) and got a bare drum off of their processing line before it went through paint. $40 is about the going price for them.

I know a place in Hayward, CA that has them, but there must be a place closer to Fresno. Keep the faith, the drums are out there.
Ive done some searching on the net using those terms. Only place that popped up.locally only sells wood barrels. Ill keep looking. I do have a friend that has a linex barrel for me that I'm gonna check out Friday.
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